Shell Frames

We make handmade shell frames with cellulose acetate (C76H114O49) which is purified natural cellulose, and is a hypoallergenic material  and virgin sheets with new granules. All our frames are hypo allergic and suitable for men, women and kids of all ages

The chain process in shell units involves manual milling, CNC milling, scraping, barrelling, assembling, packing and quality checking. The acetate sheet is made from. The three layers of cellulose acetate are single layer,multi-layer, DA (Demi Ample) or Havana. It contains 80% organic material. Our regular sheet has a hardness of 90, and our high density sheet has a hardness of 105.

  • Dimensional tolerance:+0.5mm

             Metal Frames

Our metal frames use 18% German silver, along withMonel and stainless steel materials andfive layer plating for lasting colour.These can be customized according to various customer requirements, such as colour and size.

The chain process of metal frame productionis as follows:soldering, buffing, plating, assembly, packing.Metal frame is a general term used to refer to frames made from metals such as copper alloys. Improvements in surface finishing have produced a wide range of coloring.The types of metal frames we produce include:titanium, b-titanium, beryllium, stainless steel, monel and nickel silver. The metal frame has a 5layer coating for durability.

QC Test:

  • Bridge Deformation test.
  • Endurance test for joints.
  • Perspiration test.
  • Nickel release test.

Properties of Cellulose Acetate

  1. High transparency and aesthetic appeal.
  2. High impact and mechanical strength.
  3. High dielectric constant.
  4. Excellent machinability.
  5. Good resistance to a variety of chemicals.
  6. Compatibility with human skin.
  7. Ability to be offered in an unlimited range of colours.
  8. Hygroscopic

Lofty Products

At Lofty we make different brands and models as per the aspect of needs and wants of our Customers and also according to the trends in the market, irrespective of age.

Our all time selling brands are

  • Lofty Plus
  • Lofty Premium
  • SunRray
  • Skylaards
  • Sealaards
  • Blue Stone
  • Primo
  • Colours and many more

Properties of Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose acetate is one of the most important esters of cellulose. A special field for using cellulose acetate is the synthesis of porous, spherical particles, so called cellulose beads.