About us

Our passion for the vision of the people to see the colorful world started the way back from 1996 in Kanyakumari district in India.We are specialist in manufacturing and supplier of quality, trendy & traditional optical frames for men, women & kids. We do make customized frames like ptosis crutch frames, belt frames, punk glasses,etc. We use the best quality of materials to ensure top class quality of products. All our products are quality checked and it is anti- allergic.

Our attention to detail and our friendly, experienced and fully insured staff have managed to create a thriving business with an impeccable reputation. We bring you most advanced methods of manufacturing; mainly shell frames are manufactured using Cellulose Acetate sheets, imported wires & hinges and superior quality of Stainless steel, Monel and German silver for making metal frames. First optical company in the country to use CNC machines to manufacture frames.  With the establishment of the metal unit, the company has become the only manufacturer of Quality Shell and Metal Frames under one roof in India.

In 2008, we started our international operations in Dubai to give the magnificent and noble contribution in Middle-East Countries to see the world comfortably by supplying frames & spectacles.

Saamley Kolappan has been at the helm of Lofty Optical Industries since 1996, turning it from a small enterprise to, that it is today. Lofty Optical Industries is the consequence of twenty two years of his experience in different fields.

Saamley Kolappan has been driven by the basic idea – to build an organization deeply committed to Values, with the firm belief that success in business eventually but inevitably follows. His power lies in developing rapport with prospective clients, focusing analytical particulars with strong business acumen and establishing successful companies with a two decade worth of broad experience. Being the founder of the Lofty Optical Industries, takes keen personal interest in developing leaders and teams by providing tactical direction for the group apart from directing the team on corporate development.

Saamley Kolappan firmly believes that business organizations have a social responsibility not only to fair and ethical business practices but also to actively engage with fundamental societal issues, particularly providing service to underprivileged communities, which has its flame since his college days. He is also an active member of Lions Club. Saamley Kolappan Philanthropic Initiatives supports not-for-profits, through financial grants, which work in areas complementing education, such as nutrition, local governance, and well-being of vulnerable groups.